2020 Inner Circle Advisory Board Announced

We are excited to welcome our new members to the 2020 Inner Circle Advisory Board. These key members will be crucial with helping in the development and piloting of Inner Circle programs and services.

The 2020 Inner Circle Advisory Board Members are:

Sheila Pack from HCENTI

Jerd Clayton from Bieri Hearing

Brett Bachmann from Heuser Hearing Institute

Andrea Federman from the Hearing Center Baycare

Andrea Leonard from Farragut ENT

Chris Cleland from Hearing Health Solutions

Danielle King from Greater Knoxville ENT

Ginny Lezotte from Grosse Pointe Audiology

Marina Kade from Hearing Consultants Inc.

Alison Schortgen from The Hearing Center

Christina Massey from The Woodlands Hearing Center

Ronnie Boling from Brentwood Hearing Center

Christa Smith from Whisper Hearing Centers

We would also like to thank the 2019 Advisory Board members who helped to shape so many of our current programs.