2022 Inner Circle Advisory Board

By: Rob Reid, Senior Director, Loyalty & Practice Services

We are excited to share the 2022 Inner Circle Advisory Board members. These advisory board members were chosen based on their performance and overachievement of growth goals of the Platinum members in 2021. Congratulations to them for a job well done!

The Inner Circle board members will be supporting us during quarterly meetings by sharing their insights, expertise and crucial feedback to help the Inner Circle program continue to evolve. They will be key to helping us develop tools and services which will benefit all members.

If you have the opportunity, please reach out to a board member in your area and share ideas with them so they may bring conversations to us. We are listening and they will share what they hear.

We are pleased to announce the Inner Circle Advisory Board members for 2022:

Dr. Karen Moore

Charleston ENT


Dr. Kristin Davis

Davis Audiology


Dr. Megan Johnson

Johnson Audiology


Jeff Baird

Willamette ENT


Dr. Kollene Cordero

Professional Hearing Services


Dr. Thomas Goyne

Aberdeen Audiology


Dr. Melissa Mahaffey

West Newton Hearing Center


Dr. Gregory Swingle

Arizona Hearing Spec, LLC


Chris Hollingshead

Pioneer Hearing Aid Center