3 Lyric Tools to Drive Your Success

Lyric is truly one of a kind. No other hearing aid on the market can deliver on its promises of 100% true invisibility and the convenience of 24/7 extended-wear.

As a provider, Lyric offers you an opportunity to differentiate your practice by offering a unique extended-wear hearing solution and by generating a predictable revenue stream for your business. We know that those providers that “lead with Lyric” are often the most successful.

To support your Lyric practice, Phonak offers several tools to help drive your success.

  1. Inner Circle Exclusive Equipment Offer

Fitting Lyric requires confidence, precision and of course, the right equipment to do the job. Exclusively for our Inner Circle members, we’re delighted to offer the Vorotek O Scope™  microscope equipment by redeeming your Inner Circle Success Points.

  1. Lyric Online Discussion Board

You asked, and we delivered! You told us that you would like to have a platform to share Lyric ideas, tips and tricks with each other, and that is now possible through the new Lyric Online Discussion Board.

Participating in this discussion board is a great way to strengthen the community of Lyric providers. Ask questions and share knowledge, so we can all grow and elevate this unique product and the loyal patient experiences we love!

To access the Lyric Online Discussion Board click here.

  1. Lyric Marketing for Inner Circle Members

Did you know that 65% of Lyric patients are new to hearing solutions and that new Lyric wearers are typically 10 years younger than the category’s average age1.

Why not market Lyric digitally to attract those potential patients?

Inner Circle offers an exclusive practice-branded digital marketing package to help you draw prospective patients to your practice. Customize your next digital campaign with Lyric to help attract new and younger patients to your practice.

Reach out to your Phonak Marketing Associate team. They will be happy to help you with your next Lyric digital campaign!

1Lapperre – Lyric lead generation campaign 2013/2014