3 marketing tips using new Phonak Marvel additions

By Alicia Ross, Phonak Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications

As partners in success, we’re dedicated to helping our Inner Circle members stand out in their communities and to reach a broader patient base. And with the latest Phonak Marvel™ additions, our exclusive members will be the first to market Phonak Virto™ M Black and Naída™ Marvel to their existing patients and to their local area to acquire new patients.

Here are three tips you can use to spread the message about the latest Phonak Marvel additions.

  1. Reach out to existing patients

Start by communicating with your existing patients and those tested but not fit using the new database letter. We’ll be happy to mail this announcement to your targeted patient base at no charge (up to 450 existing patients).

Just confirm the dates for your Custom Hearing Days event as early as the week of March 2, by emailing me at alicia.ross@phonak.com. We’ll personalize the letter and send you a proof for your approval.

  1. Send a personal email

Or, if you prefer, download the new email communication to send directly. Let your Phonak Account Marketing Associate know if you need help personalizing or need some edits. You can also email me at alicia.ross@phonak.com.

  1. Build on your plan

Using the database letter and email are a great start. You can then begin to build upon those pieces, plus we can help you out. Email us a good time to have a planning call to build the rest of your Virto Marvel and Naída Marvel marketing plan.

Take a look at all the new marketing materials you can use in your practice by visiting phonaknewrelease.com. If you have any questions about any of your marketing plans, reach out to your Phonak Account Marketing Associate. We’re here to help.