4 tips for heading back to business

Hearing care providers are anxious to not only get back to their practices but to also make sure their patients and staff feel safe and well cared for. Whether you’re in the planning phases or you’re ready to head back to business, we’re here to help. Four of our Key Account Managers share their tips that you can use immediately.

 Julie MediciManage your time

Julie Medici, Key Account Manager

We can’t just go back to business as usual. We have to be smarter and more efficient with our time. If your schedules are “full” again, what types of appointments are filling your time? Give prioritization to revenue-generating appointments verses non-revenue-generating appointments, such as clean and checks. Busy doesn’t always mean bringing in revenue.

Remote Support

Mary McCullough, Key Account Manager

As many practices are spacing out in-office appointments to promote social distancing and to allow more time for disinfection in between patients, it can be a struggle to efficiently fill the schedule. Several Inner Circle members have shared that they are utilizing Phonak Remote Support for the majority of their follow-ups so that they can prioritize in-office appointments for new evaluations.
For additional time saving, have an assistant or another staff member get the Remote Support sessions started to allow you to see more patients in the same amount of time.

Ensure workplace safety

Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright, Key Account Manager

All of us have scrambled to adjust to the new COVID–19 lifestyle that has impacted all aspects of our lives. Until that happens, we are left to embrace this “new normal.” Provide refresher training for all staff on triage, infection control, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and patient communication. They will feel more comfortable with seeing patients with the refresh training.

Give patients better accessibility

Jodi Limbo

Jodi Limbo, Key Account Manager

With social distancing and wearing masks required, your patients are having challenges communicating with friends and family. Promote wireless accessories and capture patient testimonials of those who have seen the benefits. Include pictures of the technology being used to communicate with loved ones on your website and through your social media.

Looking for more ideas on heading back to business? Visit the “Back to Business” page on PhonakPro.com for resources. Or, reach out to your Phonak representative. We’re here to help!