7 tips to help you plan your holiday marketing

Holidays connect us to the moments we experience with family and friends and the memories that are created. It brings joy to our lives, whether it’s in-person or virtually. We need to inspire your prospective patients to take action now, so they don’t miss another story shared at the dinner table, the joy of hearing the giggles from the kids or the music we all enjoy this time of year.

We also need to consider that the way people shop this year might be different than the past. There may be more research done online, so customers can educate themselves and make decisions with intent to make a purchase. They may also consolidate shopping trips and plan their schedules for safety and efficiency.

Taking this all under consideration, planning your holiday marketing now and implementing it early in November will help to create better outcomes for this holiday season. It will be important to finalize the details of your holiday marketing in the next two weeks.

Here are a few steps you should consider now to plan your holiday marketing.

  1. Visit the Inner Circle dashboard today to see how many points you have earned and determine your marketing budget.
  2. Schedule dates in your calendar for your monthly marketing in November, December and January.
  3. Determine your audience and confirm promotion offers, such as a special holiday savings offer or free gift with purchase. And you should definitely continue to emphasize safe in-office appointments.
  4.  Identify the tactics you’ll use to create awareness in your community: direct mail, Google Ads, Facebook marketing, television or print publications.
  5. Leverage your existing digital platforms to increase reach:
    • Feature the campaign on your website to connect with online visitors.
    • Highlight your Online Hearing Screener and that payment options are available with Phonak Freedom.
    • Post on social platforms weekly to keep your campaign top of mind with followers.
    • Send email invitations to your patients and ask them to share with family and friends who might benefit from hearing technology.
  6. Promote hearing protection and accessories to patients who recently purchased hearing technology.
  7. Share your campaign with your local Chamber of Commerce that include backlinks to your website.

Let us help you create and execute your holiday marketing plan. Email us at practiceservices@phonak.com to get started.