The Family-Centered Care group kicked off AAA2019 with an afternoon of FCC conversation.

Phonak Brought Best-in-class Education to AAA2019

By Nicole Klutz, Au.D., Phonak Audiology Manager

Phonak is dedicated to delivering best-in-class educational content and support to help you differentiate yourself and your practice while developing your clinical skills. As the leader in education, we made an impact at this year’s AAA2019 educational offering.

Career Skills Development

We kicked the event off with two, day-long workshops, each featuring career skills development. The Audiology Career Enhancement Symposium offered attendees advice on how to differentiate yourself as well as build your confidence and capabilities in many professional areas, including leadership and communication.

The Academy Research Conference featured industry-leading experts and guest speakers as they discussed how we define the future of hearing healthcare for people with mild hearing loss.

The Future of Hearing Care

Phonak also started to change the conversation about well-being and well-hearing as well as the impact of mild hearing loss on both the patient and their ecosystem during Breakthroughs in Hearing Care Symposium, our first ever learning symposium.

With standing-room only, attendees joined our group of experts and key opinion leaders by sharing their thoughts. In addition, attendees were impacted by the research Phonak is supporting and providing in this area.

Here are the key takeaways attendees are looking forward to implementing in their clinic from the symposium:

  • Human beings are pack animals. Don’t overlook the impact of the social network on the positive outcomes of hearing aid adoption. Encourage attendance and engagement of others in the individuals hearing healthcare journey
  • Hearing loss may be mild, slight or minimal — but it’s not insignificant. Don’t overlook mild hearing loss and don’t become the obstacle between your patient and access to amplification. New research using ecological momentary assessment (EMA) demonstrates the impact even mild hearing loss has on individuals, and when treated, the positive differences amplification can make.
  • Well-being is well-hearing. The connection between the these two topics is not irrelevant. In fact, the interconnectedness and awareness of both may lead to higher quality of life, better social outcomes, improved access to sound increasing brain stimulation — and ultimately re-connecting an individual with hearing loss to their world around them and the people in their life that can positively support their hearing journey.

Our Educational Commitment

Phonak remains committed to being the educational leader in audiological performance, benefit and evidenced-based practice. If you missed us at AAA2019, don’t worry! We have great educational resources available to you to refer to at your pace, on your time and at the click of a mouse on Phonak Learning.