Amptify Aural Rehabilitation

The first quarter of 2023 is almost complete. If you haven’t already pulled out your business plan to review, reassess and revise, March is an ideal time to do so.

Do your goals for this year include improving patient satisfaction, increasing productivity, reducing return rates, or adding an additional stream of revenue? If you answered yes, then Amptify Aural Rehabilitation is an Inner Circle service offering that you need to learn more about!

The benefits of Aural Rehabilitation (AR) have been well documented from reduced return rates to increased acceptance of amplification & improved patient satisfaction. But, in a busy practice, how do you incorporate an AR program? Amptify provides aural rehabilitation that uses an innovative, scientifically based therapy for hearing loss, via its Amptify DTx program.

Overseen by hearing health coaches, the DTx program can be accessed online or via their mobile app. It includes aural rehabilitation via short, daily lessons designed to educate and arm patients with strategies, auditory training games, and a peer support community. Amptify’s provider portal allows clinicians to remotely monitor a patient’s progress, invite new patients to join, and reference resources during patient follow-ups.

As a provider, you know it takes time to counsel patients and ensure success with hearing instruments. Outsourcing AR to Amptify allows you to offer your patients access to evidence-based AR without taking up valuable clinic time, resulting in the potential for increased revenue.

Create a new stream of revenue through sales of Amptify DTx while:

  • Improving Patient Satisfaction: Superior patient engagement leads to patient loyalty.
  • Increasing new hearing aid use time: Arm patients with information and strategies that foster acceptance and confidence.
  • Differentiating your practice: Offer high-level services that differentiate you from the competition.
  • Increasing productivity: Amptify aims to save clinicians 1-hour of face-to-face follow-up care, opening appointment slots & opportunities to generate revenue.

Inner Circle members can access Amptify Population Pro at a 20% discount. For additional information about Amptify Aural Rehabilitation, visit the Inner Circle Dashboard “Marketing and Business Services.” Search ‘Amptify’, add to your shopping cart & check out for a free, no obligation consultation.