Woman working on paperwork at the front desk

Insurance billing made easy!

Insurance billing made easy! When it comes to improving practice efficiencies, there is a common pain point we hear about frequently; the time it takes to manage insurance claims. Insurance benefits and verifying those benefits for patients is crucial in the process of recommendations and supporting patient decisions. “Does my insurance plan cover hearing aids?” […]

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Mylo Insurance

New Inner Circle Service: Mylo

New Inner Circle Service: Mylo We are excited to announce that Phonak Inner Circle is partnering with Mylo to provide you with a digital one-stop insurance shop that may save you both time and money. Mylo makes it easy for businesses and individuals to compare and purchase top-rated coverage. A growing practice like yours may […]

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Young woman at front desk talking on the phone.

Introducing E.D.G.E. in collaboration with Call Source

Introducing E.D.G.E. in collaboration with Call Source By: the Inner Circle team Did you know? 89% of patients decide whether or not they will set an appointment based on how the call was handled and how they were treated during the call. One of the many benefits of being an Inner Circle member is the […]

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Medical clinic receptionists manning the front desk in masks

E.D.G.E. – The Front Office Experience

E.D.G.E. – The Front Office Experience By: The Inner Circle Team Have you wondered how much it would take to get one-to-two more patients scheduled per week? Additional scheduled appointments can have a significant financial impact on your practice. What would that mean to your practice? To your staff? Introducing E.D.G.E. The Front Office Patient […]

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Colleagues are talking financials.

Five Financial Practice Tips

Five Financial Practice Tips By Lance Moore, James Steele and Matt Kafka Start 2021 out by ensuring your financial house is in order. Now is the time to make sure the financial success of your practice is not compromised and will remain strong. Here are some key considerations for your business. 1. Don’t underfund your […]

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New Year Tips and Tricks

New Year Tips and Tricks By Brian Urban, AuD, President, CounselEAR As the last 12 months have clearly shown, maintaining consistent connection with your patients as well as finding creative ways to engage with new patients is not only beneficial, but essential. In times when patients may be reluctant to seek care and existing patients […]

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Meet our 2021 Inner Circle Advisory Board

Meet our 2021 Inner Circle Advisory Board We’re so excited to announce our new 2021 Inner Circle Advisory Board, who represent a variety of practice sizes and backgrounds. They will be essential in developing new initiatives and helping us expand our exclusive Inner Circle programs and services. They will also be available to you as […]

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