Give Patients the Best Office Experience

By Alicia Ross, Phonak Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications

Today’s healthcare is consumer-driven. It is extremely important for health care providers to stand out in a crowded marketplace and create the best patient experience possible. While consumers research online prior to selecting a provider, the first and subsequent office visits are crucial in developing and maintaining a long-term relationship.

What Does Your Office Say?

Take a moment to walk into your office from a patient’s point of view.

  • Is your address marked clearly, making your office easy to find?
  • Is the office welcoming with designated registration area and waiting area?
  • Is a member of your team available to personally welcome the patient to your practice?

Make Patients Feel Welcomed

For the waiting area, practice the 80/20 Rule:

  • 80% of the materials available should be educational for patients to review prior to the appointment starting
  • 20% of the material can be promotional featuring specific technology

Also, include in your waiting area:

  • Consider a display area for patients to view technology
  • Offer brochures and literature for patients to read
  • Display scrolling videos on your screen
  • Offer free Wi-Fi and refreshments
  • Have current magazines on display

In other words, create a welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable, learns more about their hearing health and sees the technology available to solve their hearing loss.

For current consumer brochures and literature, click here. For video assets, click here.