Business Consulting with Practice Growth Leaders

Deanna Serrano, Sr. Practice Services Manager


Does your practice have a solid plan for the future?

We are excited to announce a new Inner Circle service – Business Consulting – and the addition of Practice Growth Leaders to your support team! Connect with a Practice Growth Leader (PGL) to gain a clearer understanding of your practice, implement changes to reach your goals, and develop a strategic plan. Our PGLs will work alongside you to support the expansion of your practice or create an exit strategy. They can assist you with price restructuring, cashflow management, and help you work toward increasing profitability to take your practice to the next level.

The PGL will visit your practice and meet with key decision makers to determine the areas of focus and opportunities for growth. The PGL will confidentially manage your financial information and can assist with:

  • Staff observation and training
  • Patient flow and management of the patient experience
  • Time management and schedule optimization
  • Pricing structure and payment options
  • Marketing budget and planning

Are you interested in working with a PGL?

To initiate your request, please visit the Inner Circle Dashboard to book our Business Consulting service. A PGL will consult with you to determine which service package is most appropriate – Premium, Enhanced, or Standard.

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