Give Patients the Best Office Experience

Give Patients the Best Office Experience By Alicia Ross, Phonak Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications Today’s healthcare is consumer-driven. It is extremely important for health care providers to stand out in a crowded marketplace and create the best patient experience possible. While consumers research online prior to selecting a provider, the first and subsequent office visits […]

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10 Tips For Problem Solving

10 Tips For Problem Solving It’s not me verses the problem. It’s not you versus the problem. It’s US versus the problem! If you have read this far in this series of articles, you should begin to see a consistent theme forming. We’re building your playbook for success with skills that do not just necessarily […]

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Improve Business With Phonak Freedom

Help Patients and Improve Business With Phonak Freedom By Rob Reid, Phonak Senior Director, Practice Services The traditional hearing aid sales process creates potential pain points for both the hearing care provider and the patient. The hearing care provider might question spending on customer acquisition, what if the patient decides to purchase elsewhere and will […]

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The Leadership Walk: Reflections after R!SE 2019

The Leadership Walk: Reflections After R!SE 2019 By Nicole Klutz, Phonak Audiology Manager As we face a future of non-traditional service models in the hearing care industry — like eAudiology and managed care — the Phonak R!SE 2019 Symposium workshop, “The Leadership Walk,”led by the Disney Institute, has never been more important than perhaps right now. […]

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Improving Patient Satisfaction and Connection

Remote Support: Improving Patient Satisfaction and Connection Over the past few years, the hearing care industry has been open to the concept of eAudiology. However, hearing care professionals have been a bit hesitant to adopt eSolutions, like Phonak Remote Support. During Phonak R!SE 2019 Symposium, Christine Jones, Au.D., Phonak Vice President of Audiology, and three […]

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Connecting and Influencing Your Community

Connecting and Influencing Your Community In the previous three articles, we discussed identity, the importance of building a personal brand and the importance of embracing social media in all those efforts. Our wonderful colleagues have also provided their own unique insights into helping craft your overall marketing strategy. It is our goal with the Inner Circle program […]

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Creating a Competitive Advantage

Creating a Competitive Advantage “Companies don’t transform — leaders do,” said Peter Sheahan, founder and group CEO of Karrikins Group, during Phonak R!SE 2019 Symposium. Here are two ways practice owners can transform themselves into better business leaders and create more value for their practices that Sheahan shared during his presentation. 1. Tell Yourself the […]

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Working Digital Leads for Success

Working Digital Leads for Success By Brad Lundblad, Phonak Director of Marketing and Digital Lead Generation Did you know seniors are more digitally savvy across all digital platforms?! In fact, half of older Americans have broadband at home, 62% of seniors seek healthcare information online and four-in-10 say they’re more digitally connected owning smartphones.* So, […]

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