Digital Lead Generation Services Deliver Strong Results

Approximately 63% of businesses say that generating leads is their biggest challenge. At Phonak, we have simple, no-hassle digital marketing solutions that deliver leads and prospective patients to your practice.

The beauty of digital advertising lies in the opportunity it gives marketers to constantly analyze campaign performance and continuously optimize targeting to improve lead quality.

Below are two Inner Circle Practice Services that focus on generating quality leads for your practice. Both services are highly targeted to attract your ideal patient demographic in the markets you select.

Marvel™-branded Digital Prospect Generator

What is it? Marvel-branded, 8-week Facebook advertising campaign intended to generate qualified prospective patients who are ready to book an appointment with your practice.


  • The Phonak consumer Contact Center qualifies all campaign leads. Only leads who are ready to book appointments are transferred to your practice
  • End-to-end digital campaign management by Phonak allowing you to focus on setting appointments and fitting patients

Typical results:

  • Estimated 10-13 prospective patients delivered to your practice1
  • Estimated return on your marketing investment is 107%-179%2

Practice-branded Digital Lead Generation

What is it? Practice-branded, 8-week digital advertising campaign. There are two packages to choose from: Basic and Enhanced. The Basic package focuses on Facebook advertising for one practice location. The Enhanced package spreads your advertising across Facebook and Google, and it is available for up to three practice locations. You choose the package that best suits your marketing needs!


  • Builds brand awareness for your practice
  • All campaign leads delivered to your practice, ready for you to contact and qualify
  • End-to-end digital campaign management by Phonak

Typical results:

  • Estimated 3-8 prospective patients delivered to your practice1
  • Estimated return on your marketing investment is between 101% to 126%2

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a seasoned pro, let Phonak do the legwork to ensure you’re generating a steady stream of prospective patients. Ready to get started? We’re here to help! Reach out to your Phonak sales representative or Account Marketing Associate or visit the Partner Success dashboardto get started.



  • 1Prospective patient delivery can vary by market based on overall market response and Phonak Contact Center’s success rate on reaching prospective patients.
  • 2ROI range based on a Retail Average Sales Price of $2,100 and 1 to 9 units sold