Does your practice have an online hearing screener?

Raymond Smith, Account Marketing Specialist

A hearing screener integrated into your clinic’s website is a great way to help capture new leads. Research has shown that many individuals are searching online for self-serve hearing tests, and although digital screeners are not a replacement for complete in-clinic hearing assessments, they can be a useful tool in your appointment conversion strategy.

When you subscribe to Phonak’s online hearing screener service, you get one-year access to customize and brand your own online hearing screener. Easily design your hearing screener so it looks the way you want it to look – with your practice colors, logo, and images – and embed it into your website so that it fits seamlessly with your brand. Choose from 3 different audiometric assessments, and whether to receive lead notifications by email or website integration.

Czy mówisz po polsku? ¿Habla español?  You can create more than one hearing screener, and in almost any language!

After you have created your hearing screener, let everyone know you have it! Use the hearing screener to drive traffic to your website and make it part of our marketing strategy.

  • Add QR codes to your direct mail, business cards and print ads!
  • Include a link to your hearing screener in your social media posts and patient email communications.
  • Direct Google Ads toward your online hearing screener as a primary call to action.

Not only does the screener help potential patients estimate their hearing loss, but it can help generate leads for your practice. And don’t forget – you can create more than one screener with your subscription, so why not create a different screener for each channel so that you learn which marketing piece is most effective for your practice?

Test out a demo version of the hearing screener here – but remember, your screener will have your logo and branding on it (not ours)! Visit the Inner Circle dashboard to order your online Hearing Screener today or reach out to or your account marketing specialist for more information.