E.D.G.E. + Call Management

The results of the 2022 Benchmarking Survey revealed an increased number of practices making an investment in marketing spend activities, with overall spending up an average of 5% year over year. The survey also revealed a 63% [average] call to appointment conversion.

When 89% of patients decide whether they will set an appointment based on how the call was handled and how they were treated during the call, investing in front-office training is a sure-fire way to increase your return on marketing.

One of the many benefits of being an Inner Circle member are the services offered to support your practice and the tools to develop your staff and sharpen their skills. The front-office staff are a critical area of focus. Whether you are in a private practice or ENT clinic, the front-office staff sets the tone on the phone or in-person and creates the first impression.

Properly trained front-office staff help impact the bottom-line and support lead generation via marketing efforts. They create trust and credibility by providing consistent and knowledgeable answers to the toughest questions patients ask. In today’s market where every dollar counts and patients are looking for convenience and customization, your front-office staff is key.

Imagine what it would mean to your practice to have more opportunities every month

  • More patients receiving your services and better hearing care
  • More incremental revenue for your practice
  • Lower marketing costs

E.D.G.E. with Call Source is a comprehensive, interactive training program tailored for the front-office staff. This program was designed to help hearing healthcare providers & staff learn new skills to engage, discover, guide and empower when interacting with patients both on the phone and in-person.

E.D.G.E. is a 90 day, 3-part training program available for unlimited staff members which includes:

  • Self-Paced Learning
    • 45-day access to the E.D.G.E modules on phonakpro.com.
  • Marketing
    • A database mailer and direct mail piece are included in this service to get the phone ringing and give your staff the opportunity to apply their new skills!
  • Call Coaching
    • Call monitoring and 90-day call coaching with a professional coach from Call Source to focus on five areas which impact call-to-appointment success and offers solutions for call handlers by providing answers in a concise and consistent fashion, which will create instant credibility and trust from the patient.

Inner Circle members have typically seen an 8-15% improvement in call-to-appointment conversion and improving call conversion by even one appointment results in a greater ROI. Using an average selling price per unit of $2,105 from the survey results, that could be an additional $4,210 in revenue per marketing campaign. If you conduct 6 marketing campaigns per year, that is an additional $25,260 in annual revenue!

Now, imagine that you provide your front-office staff with a tool to answer the ever-challenging question, “How much do hearing aids cost?” Offering patient payment options like Phonak Freedom Leasing not only has an impact on your call-to-appointment rates but can also increase your treatment rates.

Of the Inner Circle members who responded to the survey, 55% reported that they offer leasing or traditional finance options. If you’re not already doing so, head to the Inner Circle dashboard where you can search Marketing & Business services for Phonak Freedom Leasing.  Also, check out Community News for last month’s article, Patient Financing: Top Strategy for 2023

Visit the Inner Circle Dashboard “Marketing & Business Services”, then search “front office” for additional information on E.D.G.E. + Call Management. Add to your shopping cart & confirm request for a free, no obligation consultation.