E.D.G.E. – The Front Office Experience

By: The Inner Circle Team

Have you wondered how much it would take to get one-to-two more patients scheduled per week? Additional scheduled appointments can have a significant financial impact on your practice.

What would that mean to your practice? To your staff?

Introducing E.D.G.E. The Front Office Patient Experience! E.D.G.E. is a comprehensive, interactive training, tailored for the front office staff. This program is about engaging, discovering, guiding and empowering when interacting with patients both on the phone and in person.

E.D.G.E. can be taken as a stand-alone offering or in combination with Call Source Coaching to further support and improve the skills learned to maximize on your points and time investment.

We offer three options to choose from with the Call Source Coaching so you can customize your approach. We even have a Premium package that includes everything you would need PLUS Marketing!

Be sure to check the Inner Circle dashboard later this month for more details or contact your Phonak Field Representative or Phonak Marketing Representative for more information.