Educate Your Community About Hearing Health

Candice Tackett, Au.D., Phonak Technology Expert, continues to see awesome results for hearing care providers who embrace hearing seminars and add them to their marketing strategy. “It’s an amazing opportunity to educate the community about hearing health,” she said.

When we teach about hearing and how hearing aids work in general, those who attend the event are using this information to make an informed decision. “It’s an important step in their buying journey,” said Tackett. “When they make an appointment, we can then focus our efforts on learning more about the patient to understand their why, administer a hearing test, sharing results of the audiogram and then recommending the right solution.”

Benchmarks & Results

Here are the benchmarks that Tackett follows for these hearing seminars:

  • ½ of attendees will be candidates (many bring a spouse or a friend)
  • ½ of the attendees will schedule an appointment
  • 80% treatment rate should be expected from these appointments

Results from a recent event:

  • 27 attendees
  • 14 candidates
  • 9 appointments scheduled