Educate your patients using the TV in your waiting room

By Maryann Lundstrom, Mediplay, Inc.

Mediplay is a patient education and marketing system that transforms the TV in your waiting room or exam rooms into a powerful communication tool. Mediplay reaches 100% of your audience. There are no pages to be turned, no channels to be changed and no ads — it’s just your marketing messages broadcast to your target audience.

Control the content

Using a small media player and an intuitive online interface, Mediplay lets you be in charge of the videos and practice messages that are broadcast to your patients and guests. With 24/7 access to the online content management portal, Mediplay Connect, you have total control of your program. Whether you have one clinic, or a large network, you can quickly and easily assign relevant videos and custom messages to each individual screen.

Mediplay Connect has many different libraries, including an extensive Phonak library with all the latest videos. Other video libraries include patient education, health and wellness content, kids videos, and cooking segments. Built-in templates are included in the system that make it simple to create custom content, such as staff bios, product introductions and specials, upcoming events, and social media posts.

Be top of mind

The use of these impactful videos, your own videos, and all the other messaging tools within the Mediplay system generates strong benefits and advantages for your practice. Respected Forrester Research has calculated that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

Using videos and custom content on your TV will assure that your message gains a prominent place in the minds of your audience. This deserves to be a key consideration in your marketing plans.

Some compelling reasons include:

  • EMOTION: Human emotions are the main fuel of video storytelling, and practices, such as yours, are replete with compelling, life-changing stories. As they might say on TV’s Mad Men, “Facts tell, but stories sell.”
  • ENGAGEMENT: A TV program that is branded with your logo and your custom messages immediately grabs attention and sets you apart from the competition. It’s not the same, old cable TV, or a one-size-fits-all show, but one that highlights your unique personality, staff and services.
  • EDUCATION: Customized programs cause patients to ask more thoughtful questions, become aware of problems and possible treatments earlier and become more involved in their health care.

Direct-to-patient marketing can help you seize a competitive advantage in your service area. Mediplay makes that happen!