Hearing Screener Kiosk

Deanna Serrano, Senior Practice Services Manager


We are excited to announce our new Hearing Screener Kiosk to the Inner Circle Platinum members!

The Hearing Screener Kiosk is designed to help you find patients outside of your practice, without having to be present and provide prospective patients a way to get in touch with you.

We have taken Phonak’s screener technology and placed it in a portable kiosk that can be placed in locations like senior centers, optometrist office, referring physicians offices, health fairs, and pharmacies, to name a few. The location is limited to your imagination.

Self-help consumers can take the easy 3-5 minute screening and their results and basic information is sent directly to your practice. Reach out immediately and schedule the patient for an appointment.

Better yet, the kiosk is customized with your practice’s logo, creating brand awareness and differentiation in your community, and offering a unique way for patients who have concerns about their hearing to receive immediate validation and have a provider all at once.

Providers who have started using the hearing screener kiosk are seeing an average of 2-4 new patients a month and noticing the patients are ready to have the conversations about their hearing, because concerns were validated by the screening and they are ready to take action.

How can you get started or learn more? Check out the Inner Circle Dashboard Marketing and Business services tab and view “Gain New Patients” section, and in one click, you will be on your way to seeing new patients.