Hearing Seminars: So Much More Than a Free Lunch

By Alicia Ross, Phonak Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications

I recently attended an educational hearing seminar, and what I witnessed was far more than people attending for some free food.

Here’s how it went:

  • Get to know and educate your audience.
    There were 29 guests seated in a private room. People introduced themselves at their tables and enjoyed light conversation. After introductions by the host, we learned about how we hear, the different types of hearing loss and what causes hearing loss. We also learned how a hearing test is administered and how results are captured.
  • Have guests ask questions and share stories.
    During the presentation, guests asked very focused questions and even shared their own personal experiences very honestly. They described how they sit in the corner at events and that they have noticed people have started to avoid them. They feel isolated and anxious. These stories brought tears to my eyes and confirmed it’s as important as ever to connect with our audience and provide a solution.
  • Motivate about the importance of hearing health.
    The group was engaged and answered questions throughout the presentation. They voiced their opinions on how important it is for them to remain healthy, aware and relevant. They were eager to learn all about their hearing, what causes hearing loss and the relationship between hearing loss and their overall health.
  • Teach about available products.
    There were no products being sold during this presentation. We only shared a description of the variety of hearing aids and technology available today. Guests wanted to know safe websites to research hearing aids and proud to share they were searching online.
  • Book appointments.
    Following the presentation, I heard a guest at the table mention she was shocked that products were not being promoted and that there wasn’t a hard sell. As the conversation continued, others chimed in on how valuable this information was, and as the patient care coordinator came to the table, four out five made an appointment for next week to get a hearing test. They were relaxed, comfortable and thankful for being invited to event.

So, sure, it’s a free lunch, but what I really experienced was the beginning of patient relationships being built, and the practice establishing themselves as the local expert. And, by the way, of the 29 attendees, 17 made appointments.

If you’re ready to add a community seminar to your plan, reach out to your Phonak Account Marketing Associate. We’re here to help!