Holiday Marketing Planning – Patient Appreciation/Open House

Marketing Minute with Amy

Are you the type of person who spends the doldrums of summer at the beach or local sporting events? Maybe you prefer a cozy cabin in the woods with an arsenal of books and trusty internet connection. No matter which camp you fall into, we all have one thing in common; it’s time to plan our year-end marketing! Please join me in this marketing minute to put the wind back in your sails and knock the ball out of the park towards your bottom line for the back half of this calendar year!

To start with some motivation and set the wheels in motion, think about what got you into this profession in the first place. I’d venture to guess that you chose this industry because you, too, are passionate about hearing solutions that change people’s lives. The two universal truths about the human condition are that we are designed to be good stewards of our planet and we are created for community. In the hearing care space, we can achieve both objectives by providing people with opportunities to hear well and embrace life!

How do we accomplish these tasks, you ask? Marketing! Marketing is a great way to get established in the community and be in direct contact with the public. It allows for engagement with carefully targeted individuals to obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer relationships, which is at the heart of any successful business. Also note that consistency is key, and when used as an ongoing strategy, marketing will build your business over time.

Let’s talk about how to make your presence known in your community. There are many techniques that have evolved over the years. The initial origins involved shouting from the mountain tops. The more current approach is to develop a formal and detailed marketing plan. For our purposes today, we will focus on a few action items that fall somewhere in between!

The most effective way to share your message is by using a combination of tactics to connect with people wherever they are searching! With the wave of the future upon us, the powers of the world wide web and social media allow small-to-medium-sized businesses to be on the same playing field as large retailers like never before.

Here are some examples of the components to consider:

  • Database mailers: patients are most likely to respond to your message
  • Direct mail to new prospects: this is more effective than shouting from the mountain tops
  • Newspaper: local community papers can be a cost-effective option
  • Digital: think website, social media, and email newsletters
  • Tracking: this is how to know what worked and guide decisions for next year!

Don’t forget! Send these communications to local senior centers, nursing homes, and physicians! 

These are the types of events to implement:

  • Patient appreciation: invite an enthusiastic hearing aid ambassador to share their testimonial!
  • Open house: Showcase the latest technology and offer hands on product demonstrations.
  • Educational seminar: Stand out as the expert in your community!

Don’t forget! Invite your Phonak Representative to attend!

Thoughtful offers:

  • Free gift: Serenity Choice – what better time to help people find the right hearing protection for themselves, their family and friends! Do I hear a shout out for all those music lovers and hunters out there?
  • Free accessory: provides connection to multiple devices
  • Holiday sweepstakes or raffle: allow your guests to win something!

Don’t forget! Holiday marketing is a critical part of your success and it doesn’t end in December! Be prepared to roll into the new year and communicate about refreshed perspectives and resolutions.

Let this be the year you provide that extra seasoning to give someone’s life new flavor. This can be a great journey for your business and an even greater journey for those of the lives you touch!

Don’t forget! Give your Account Marketing Specialist a call to get started!


  1. Start planning today
  2. Identify your segments
  3. Identify type of event
  4. Create thoughtful offers
  5. Create and execute a multi-channel campaign
  6. Have fun!