How to convert more digital leads into patients

By: Cassie Marini, Account Marketing Specialist, at Phonak

You’ve made the leap into digital lead generation activities – your Google Ad and Facebook campaigns are live and leads are starting to roll in! #DigitalMarketingWin #LeadGen

We know that digital marketing is the best, most cost-effective way to drive new leads to your practice over the long term. We also know that digital leads can behave a little differently than leads that come in through more traditional methods like direct mail and newspaper.

What do I mean? Well. Simply put, digital leads are often a little bit harder to convert into appointments.

Why? Because digital lead generation efforts tend to catch people at slightly different stages in the patient journey than we’re used to with more traditional lead generation efforts.
Because of this, it’s important to have an action plan in place to keep these leads moving towards an appointment.

Here are three tips to help you convert more digital leads:

  1. ACT QUICKLY – SPEED TO LEAD! Leads don’t like to be kept waiting. Studies have shown that digital leads are more likely to convert when you get in touch with them within minutes, not hours or days.
  2. BE PREPARED – Have quality phone and email scripts prepared. And make sure your staff is trained on how to follow up on digital leads.
  3. CREATE A CENTRALIZED INBOX – Creating a centralized (or shared) inbox makes lead follow-up a group responsibility. Things get busy and having multiple sets of eyes watching for leads makes timely follow-up a much more realistic goal.

I recently read a statistic that stated that approximately 73% of leads (traditional and digital) aren’t sales-ready when they come in. Whoa.

And, another that stated 63% of leads that inquire about a business or service won’t be ready to purchase for at least 3 months. Double whoa.

These statistics stress the importance of capitalizing on leads coming in that are ready to make an appointment or purchase.

Be sure your practice is prepared to handle these leads by downloading our Digital Lead Conversion Management Planning Kit. This kit includes more tips and some templates for you to personalize.

WAIT! What about the 73% of leads that aren’t sales-ready? That’s a story for another day. Stay tuned.