Help Patients and Improve Business With Phonak Freedom

By Rob Reid, Phonak Senior Director, Practice Services

The traditional hearing aid sales process creates potential pain points for both the hearing care provider and the patient. The hearing care provider might question spending on customer acquisition, what if the patient decides to purchase elsewhere and will the patient repurchase in 5 years? The patient might question what happens if the hearing aids don’t work after a while, should he/she wait until the newest model comes out and how can he/she afford better hearing aids?

During Phonak R!SE 2019 Symposium, attendees learned more about Phonak Freedom, powered by Allegro — an exclusive program available to our Inner Circle members.

What is Phonak Freedom?

Phonak Freedom is a subscription-based program created to address common issues experienced by hearing care providers and their patients. The program simplified the traditional hearing aid sales and purchase process by offering:

  • More predictable business for providers
  • Current technology and predictable care for patients

Phonak Freedom has multiple options that fit different hearing needs and budget, it reduces sticker shock and simplifies product presentation, leading to higher sales conversions.

How Does Phonak Freedom Work?

Here’s how Phonak Freedom works:

  • Patient: Signs contract with Allegro, pays monthly fee and any applicable end-of-contract fees.
  • Allegro: Sends funds to the hearing care provider for hearing aids.
  • Hearing Care Provider: Signs contracts, fits hearing aids and provides and follow-up services.

Benefits for You and Your Patients

How does Phonak Freedom benefit your patient?

  • Best hearing experience:New hearing aids with current technology every 3 years.
  • Worry-free care:Includes follow-up services, such as tuning and cleanings, as well as full warranty and loss, stolen and damage coverage.
  • Simple and affordable payment:Fixed monthly payment that is equal to or less than that of financing. Patients save on total dollars spent per hearing aid with early upgrade.

How does Phonak Freedom benefit your business?

  • Increase sales conversion:Reduce sticker shock with low monthly payment. Plus, simpler product presentation than financing — no discussion of APR.
  • Increase customer lifetime value: You have higher purchase frequency with program structure, higher ASP with pull of low monthly payment toward premium hearing aids and higher retention with seamless upgrade experience.

Learn more about Phonak Freedom or book the Practice Service by clicking here.