Improving marketing lead quality with Phonak Hearing Screener

By: Michael Blackburn, AuD – Senior eSolutions Manager at Phonak US

Calling new leads from a marketing campaign can be fraught with uncertainty. Often the staff tasked with calling back leads have very little information about the person they are calling, making it difficult to have a starting point for a conversation.

Improving the marketing leads from the campaigns of hearing care professionals is essential in creating effective marketing campaigns. The Phonak Hearing Screener engages potential leads, provides insight into their hearing ability, and delivers a high quality lead to be followed up on.

How does the Phonak Hearing Screener work?

Hearing Screener Example ScreenshotHearing Screener is a web-based tool that can plug in to any social media, email, print, website, or other marketing campaign. Additionally, Hearing Screener can match the branding and needs of the hearing care professional using it. The screener works on any device (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.)

Hearing Screener takes the user through these basic steps:

  • Instruction (requires a pair of headphones)
  • Question about self-perceived hearing loss
  • Tone testing with variable options depending on the configuration of the hearing care professional and marketing campaign needs
  • Hearing lifestyle questionnaires
  • Information collection
  • Display of screener results
  • Customizable call-to-action buttons

Once the screener is complete, the hearing results and lead information are delivered to the hearing care professional via email or webhook integrations.

How can Phonak Hearing Screener be used as a marketing tool?

Phonak Hearing Screener generates a unique link to your own custom branded screener – go ahead, try it!

Wherever a link can be integrated into a marketing campaign, Phonak Hearing Screener can be incorporated. Hearing care professionals are only limited by their imagination. Some examples of how Phonak Hearing Screener is incorporated into marketing campaigns includes:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Direct mail (QR code)
  • Email
  • Newsletter (QR code, or link if digital)
  • Print media (vanity website URL)
  • Signage
  • Referral program materials
  • Physician referral communications
  • Business card

For print campaigns, a QR code is a great way to engage users and drive them to your website through the Phonak Hearing Screener. Try scanning this one:

QR Code

How many leads can be generated by Phonak Hearing Screener?

HCP Website ExampleWhen Phonak Hearing Screener is incorporated into a hearing care professional’s website, it can generate 60-72 completed screens yielding an estimated 12 to 24 qualified leads annually. These are for passively generated leads on a website such as the example in this picture. The estimated number is highly dependent on the web traffic to the hearing care professional’s website.

Phonak Hearing Screener is capable of capturing many more high quality leads and is only limited by the number of marketing campaigns that it is included in.
Ready to integrate Phonak Hearing Screener into your website and marketing campaigns? Reach out to your Phonak Representative.

Michael Blackburn, AuD

Michael joined Sonova in 2020 as the Senior eSolutions Manager. He is responsible for the portfolio of Sonova apps and digital solutions within the U.S. (including Phonak). He has a wealth of experience leading teleaudiology initiatives within the Department of Veterans Affairs. For 3 years Michael served as the teleaudiology and vestibular program leads at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center in Minnesota. Prior to that he was a clinical audiologist at a large medical center in Peoria, IL providing hearing aids, cochlear implants, and dizziness services for pediatric to geriatric patients. He received his bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders from Northern Illinois University and his Doctor of Audiology from Northwestern University.