Embrace Education for You and Your Patients

C. Scot Frink, Au.D., FAAA, from Salem Audiology Clinic, started his career journey in education, but it was the family business that made him go into the hearing healthcare industry. “My father was an audiologist, one of the first private practices in Oregon. I worked for him part-time while going to school,” he said. “I loved the teaching aspect of the business, so I decided to go into the business. And, honestly, I am still an educator.”

As our Inner Circle Spotlight℠, Frink shares his insights on how hearing care providers can be educators for their patients and communities as well as where they can go to boost their skill sets.

The only constant is change

Frink has been fitting hearing aids since 1994, earned his master’s degree in 2004 and then completed his Audiology degree in 2016. His advice for being successful in the hearing care industry?

Know when to turn on a dime when something comes up that you didn’t see coming,” he said. “Being able to come up with a solution is going to help you in the long run. So, look at it not from a ‘What do I do,’ but a ‘Challenge accepted; I’m going to fix this’ mentality.”

Be the educator in your community

According to Frink, what sets Salem Audiology Clinic apart from others in the community are the myriad of classes available that they offer for their community. “There are some that we do routine – once a month – and there are some that are more topical, such as living with tinnitus and connection between diabetes and hearing loss,” he said.

Hearing-related seminars are a great way to build your relationship within your community and your patients.

Empower with knowledge

Frink believes in spending extra time with each of your patients. “I do feel that at Salem Audiology Clinic we have longer than average appointments for our patients,” he added. “This way we can make sure they are empowered with knowledge. Because if they’re empowered with knowledge, they will be more successful.”

Get ‘in the trenches’

Attending conferences, like Phonak R!SE Symposium, is a fantastic opportunity to network with other hearing care providers to grow your own skill sets.

“At R!SE, there are great motivational speakers, but at the same time sitting down and having a conversation with someone who is in the trenches just like you are. … Well, you learn a lot, you share a lot, and you can develop all kinds of ideas and networks,” Frink added. “I very much advocate for building networks of people with when you come to these conferences in order to continue success afterwards.”