Invest in your wealth of knowledge

“Ironically, I actually fell into the hearing care industry,” said Kimberly (Peezie) Allred, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA, Practice Owner of ACI Hearing & Balance Center, Inc. “I originally started in computer science, and wasn’t happy with that choice at the time.”

Allred explained that she ended up with a class in speech pathology, which had some audiology in it, and she really enjoyed that aspect. “Since then, I absolutely love my job. It’s very rewarding. It’s something you get to see,” she added. “It’s very instant; helping people with their lives every day.”

As our Inner Circle Spotlight, Allred shares the importance of turning to your team and to experts in order to enrich your wealth of knowledge.

Working together as a team

ACI Hearing & Balance Center, Inc. has been in business since 1984, Allred joined the practice in 1994, and she purchased the practice from her previous boss in 2002. “We work as a team,” said Allred. “I want input from everyone every day: constructive criticism, praise … there is not a hierarchy in our staff.”

Everyone has a different point of view. Everyone sees it through their own eyes. So, it’s very important that we come together and talk about it. —Kimberly (Peezie) Allred, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA

By allowing everyone to have a voice in the practice, they are able to meet their patients’ needs better. “Everyone has a different point of view. Everyone sees it through their own eyes,” she added. “So, it’s very important that we come together and talk about it.”

Allred also feels the team gets more ideas and become more efficient. Somebody always has some sort of input, and it’s always valuable.

Making hearing accessible with accessories

Allred loves the connectivity Phonak Marvel™ has with the hearing accessories. “We use Roger Select quite a bit,” she said. “It is very simple. People get very overwhelmed feeling like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s all of this stuff that I have to have.’ But once we pair it and partner it, it’s automatic.”

“All they have to do is: They turn it on, it works; they turn it off, it disconnects,” she added. “It keeps it very simple, but allows them to take everything, even one step further if they need to, to help them with all of their communication needs and multiple environments — to make sure that we’re making them happy, they’re getting their best hearing healthcare every day, they’re really back living life. That’s my most favorite, absolutely!”

Find social media support

According to Allred, it’s important that a manufacturer helps to bring potential patients to her practice. “I am not a marketing guru,” she said. “It’s very helpful to me to have someone who is in marketing bringing [prospective patients] to me, because it’s one less thing I have to do.”

I find when you ask for help, Phonak has a wealth of information

One of the Practice Services through Inner Circle that Allred has taken advantage of, is actually marketing — social media marketing. “In my daily practice, I just don’t have the extra time to have a social presence as I feel like I should,” she added. “Phonak has done a fantastic job where you literally just sign up and they do it for you. We, of course, approve it, but they’ll do it for you. And it’s helps with lead generation. It helps with presence on social media, online, various places, which takes a huge burden off of my plate.”

And by using social media support with Phonak, Allred’s practice has seen an increase in calls, website presence and more tracking to their website.

“I find when you ask for help, Phonak has a wealth of information,” Allred said. “So anywhere that any business owner, person in charge of anything, any responsibility within a practice, if they feel they have a shortcoming somewhere or they’re not very knowledgeable, Phonak has a wealth of information, regardless of what it is to help them in any aspect.”