Building a Long-lasting PracticeRichard-and-Jane-Kaner2

“The hearing care industry is a very unique part of the health care space,” said Richard Kaner, M.A., FAAA, Owner and Founder of Brooklyn Audiology Associates. “What I find challenging then is what I still find challenging now: Hearing loss is the largest untreated chronic condition of adults in the U.S. And, although we’re making strides to diminish the stigma, we still have a long way to go.”

Richard has been an audiologist for 39 years. He opened Brooklyn Audiology Associates in December 1980, and the practice has three independent locations in Brooklyn, NY. Richard said that their mission is to create an outstanding patient experience with every patient contact.

“That begins from the moment they walk in the door,” added Jane Kaner, Business Manager. “Actually, from the time the phone call comes in to the time they walk through the door and then walk in the back to see one of the providers. Everybody has the same goal or mission: to give that patient an outstanding experience.”

“Everybody has the same goal or mission: to give that patient an outstanding experience.” —Jane Kaner, Business Manager

Richard and Jane share their insights into having a long-lasting practice — from a strong product offering, to taking advantage of available tools to even networking with key industry leaders.

A Solid Product Offering

Having a solid product portfolio is vital for a well-rounded practice. “I’m a raving fan of the Phonak Lyric™ invisible hearing aids,” said Richard. “It’s an outstanding product. It gives our patients the best customer satisfaction … the best patient satisfaction I’ve ever seen in 39 years of fitting hearing aids. They are wowed by it.”

For those patients who are either contra indicated for Lyric or don’t go into subscription, Richard fits Phonak Marvel™. “It’s an outstanding product that’s world class in every aspect: sound quality, connectivity and patient satisfaction as well,” he added.

Put Practice Services to Work for You

“If you are not using the Inner Circle Practice Services, you are making a big mistake,” said Richard. He and Jane have taken advantage of several Practice Services, including:

“We did a deep dive into our database recently, which was a big jump for us,” said Jane. “We were able to target who our customer is. It was very successful for us — we saw a nice increase.”

According to Richard, Phonak is one of the few companies that truly supports the independent private practice audiologist. “They want to see us succeed with services and products that make a difference and add value to the relationship,” he said.

“[Phonak] wants to see us succeed with services and products that make a difference and add value to the relationship,” —Richard Kaner, M.A., FAAA

“Plus, the program directs you in what to do — whether you’re a new practice or a practice that has been in business for 39 years,” added Jane. “They can help both scenarios!”

Never too Successful to Network

Jane said she loves coming to industry conference like Phonak R!SE Symposium. “We’re both like sponges. We just soak up whatever we are hearing. We always come away with something — one or two ideas — to implement. Plus, we meet great people,” she added.

During Phonak events, the Kaners also get the opportunity to speak with the leadership team at Phonak. “We are able to talk to all the division heads about what’s working about, what’s new, what are businesses doing and what some of the things we can do,” said Richard. “We always walk away very pleased with the additional connection that we make with the team and Phonak.”

Richard shared that although he’s had a very successful practice and it could be easy to put it on autopilot, you never get too successful to learn new things. “Anything you pick up and bring back to incorporate into the business is always a big plus,” he said.