Introducing Smart Scheduling

Are you looking for more opportunities to fill your schedule? Is your schedule filled with service appointments and no room for hearing evaluations?

Put Smart Scheduling to work for you! It will ensure your practice has an optimal number of revenue-generating appointments while increasing profitability and improving staff morale.

By completing this course and implementing these best practices, you will have:

  • More patients receiving your services and better hearing
  • More revenue for your practice
  • The control to create a personalized schedule per clinic

It all starts with you determining the number of revenue-generating appointments that are needed per week or month to meet your goals.

This program will provide the tools and “know-how” to maximize on your clinic hours! Smart scheduling will show you how to set up your schedule to include specific times for HAE’s, deliveries, follow-ups/service, walk-ins, Tele-Health sessions, and even how to balance your managed care appointments.

This is a proven way to ensure that you are minimizing any “dead” space on your schedule while giving your new patients the highest priority when they call to schedule an appointment.

Practice Service Details:

  • 30 day access to the e-learning module
  • Unlimited amount of participants
  • Follow-up materials upon completion of course

Success Points Investment: 2100 points

Booking this Practice Service is easy. Visit the Inner Circle dashboard, call your Phonak Representative or email