Looking to Increase Your Visibility in the Community?  

Health & Wellness Seminars are becoming increasingly more common as the healthcare industry changes. Topics like mental health, managing stress, understanding dementia, and navigating hearing loss…are just a few of the seminar topics I’ve seen in my community this year. 

Our team has worked with many hearing care practices across the country to help organize and promote community seminars to raise awareness about hearing loss and how hearing aids can help people live more active, healthy lives. I had the opportunity this spring to work with several new practices on their first-ever community seminars and it was so fun to help them navigate through the process.

For those of you who haven’t hosted a community seminar before—or if it’s been a while—read on while I spill the tea on some common questions!   

What is a Community Seminar?  

For a hearing care practice, a Community Seminar is an opportunity to present the latest and greatest information, technology, or research about hearing-related topics that matter to patients, potential patients, and their families.   

It’s an opportunity to invite the community to get to know your practice without risk. Community Seminars tend to attract consumers who are a little earlier in the buy cycle—including those who are researching, those who ‘aren’t quite’ ready to take the next step, and caregivers. Attracting a broader audience gives you a great opportunity to utilize your office management system for lead nurturing.  

Why should I host a Community Seminar?    

In addition to giving you the opportunity to meet new people and share your knowledge, community seminars help grow your brand, increase trust in providers, and they typically generate hearing evaluation appointments. Win, win, win!  

Think of it like this…if you’re looking for an expert on a topic or researching providers in an area—would you want to go to a place you’ve never heard of or saw an ad for once? Or would you prefer one that’s well-known, involved in the community and open to sharing knowledge? The more information you provide to others, the better. Knowledge is power. And the knowledge you provide consumers in these seminars will help them feel more secure about their decision when the time comes to make a purchase.  

Where’s the best place to host a Community Seminar?  

I love it when people ask me this, because I get to say: I honestly don’t know! I don’t think there’s a right answer. 😊  

Over the last year I’ve worked with practices who have hosted seminars in their office, we did one in a hospital conference room (I’d describe it as an auditorium—it was HUGE), at senior centers, community centers, and I am currently working with a practice to host an event at their local Arboretum.  

Another popular option…that may increase attendance…is partnering with local coffee shops, bakeries, breweries, and restaurants. Commonly known as Lunch & Learns—this style of event offers a more informal, social setting for a practice to connect with the audience. PLUS, it gives you the opportunity to support another local business.  

Check out these fun Lunch & Learn spin-off ideas:  

  •  Dine & Discover 
  • Brunch & Munch  
  • Donuts & Demos 
  • Hear with a Beer 
  • Meet & Eat 
  • Learning Over Lunch 
  • Hearing Healthy Happy Hour 
  • A Break to Educate 
  • Hearing Facts & Snacks 
  • Food for Thought 
  • Something to Chew On 
  • Information Buffet 
  • Dessert & Discussion  
  • Bite-Sized Learning with <ABC Audiology> 

Ready to start sharing your knowledge with the community?  

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