Phonak Marvel

Marvel 2.0 – More, more, more!

By Nicole Klutz, Au.D., Phonak Audiology Manager

With the launch of Marvel in October 2018, patients and hearing care providers raved about the first fit sound quality, direct connectivity capabilities and seamless streaming experience. Now, with Marvel 2.0 we are excited to provide even more hearing performance, more connectivity and apps, and more choice.

So what does that mean for you and your patients?

More Hearing Performance

Regardless of the technology we have available at our fingertips, patients report that they still experience the most difficulty hearing in noisy, challenging listening environments. I am excited to say that the time is finally here to unveil the unbeatable combination of Marvel and Roger™ technology with RogerDirect™.

Patients used to have to compromise and wear something around their neck or add a receiver to their hearing aids – making the hearing aids more prominent and compromising on discreetness. Well not anymore!

RogerDirect and Marvel provide a discreet, cosmetically appealing hearing solution that provides the best hearing in the nearfield (within 3-5 feet of the patient) and can hands down beat any other hearing solution in the far-field (>5 feet), especially when noise is involved. But it’s not just about a smaller hearing aid. Roger technology has demonstrated the immense benefit and superior performance in challenging, hostile listening situations since its introduction in 2013.

The performance benefits of Roger technology are undeniable. Roger wearers can experience up to 10x better hearing performance in comparison to normal hearing people in challenging listening environments. What patient wouldn’t want to experience that benefit and become an active participant in the activities they enjoy — no matter how noisy or challenging he/she may be.

The barriers to Roger have been removed with Marvel 2.0, and now it is on us as hearing care providers to provide access to the best technology we have to offer to our patients.

More Connectivity

We live in a technologically savvy world, and our patients hold us accountable for not only staying up to date, but knowing how to combine their hearing technology with their digital lifestyle. With seamless interaction between Bluetooth® pairings, Marvel wearers don’t have to compromise and can connect to their world around them.

Even more exciting, they now have control of their hearing aids with the new Advanced Remote control functions in the myPhonak App. As a hearing care provider, I’m not worried that my patients will find a replacement for my services with this functionality — and you shouldn’t be either. When a patient takes control and ownership of his/her hearing loss and their hearing journey, we observe not only an improvement in the overall perception of sound quality but an improvement in hearing aid satisfaction.

The Advanced remote functionalities in the new myPhonak app aren’t meant to take us out of the picture — they’re meant to empower our patients, help them perform better and empower them to take the next steps in their hearing aid journey.

More Choice

The expansion of the Audéo, Bolero and Sky families to include the Marvel platform and SWORD 3.0 chipset opens up the possibilities of the technology and product available for you to fit on any patient coming through your practice doors.

Think of that for a moment: No longer is it just a RIC product that you have at your disposal with Marvel technology, but now it’s RICs and BTEs for not only the adult population but also the youngest of our patients who have hearing loss. Regardless of technology level, Marvel technology is now available to meet the audiological and physical needs of your patients. There are no compromises on the hearing solution your patient wants and what you can provide them.

New Opportunities

With all of the new functionality and new product available in Marvel 2.0, I can’t help but share with you how excited I am for you and your patients. With such a strong portfolio to offer patients, you truly have no compromises and you have access to a solution that can meet any hearing loss, any lifestyle need, and any age.