May is Better Hearing & Speech Month 

 It’s that time of year! Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is observed every May and provides us with the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of better hearing and share about the life-changing treatment options that are available to those who might need them. This month allows us to encourage others to learn about hearing care and healthy living so they can stay connected with colleagues, friends, and loved ones.  

 The 2023 theme for BHSM is “Building a Strong Foundation”, which proves to be vital in many aspects of life, especially hearing health. Making sure your patients are equipped with the right tools to be able to communicate and hear well in the world around them is the foundation for maintaining a good quality life.  

 One of our goals as professionals in this industry is to help people become advocates for their own hearing and to take action if they suspect that they or a loved one has an issue that needs to be addressed. We encourage you to use this month as an opportunity to motivate people to get their hearing tested and see what technology may be available to help them, so they can begin their journey to better hearing and an improved well-being.  

Here are some ways to get the word out about BHSM and start inspiring your community to take action on their hearing health: 

  • Update your website with information about BHSM! This is where most consumers do their research. Adding a snippet to your website’s “News” or “Announcements” section is the perfect place to share this material. 
  • Share on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Keep your messaging motivating on why it’s important to take action on hearing health and how you can help.
  • Include a short statement about BHSM in your front desk greeting and voicemail message.
  • Send an email newsletter or printed letter to existing patients about the importance of hearing health and noise prevention. Ask for referrals to family and friends and suggest that they schedule a hearing test to start addressing their hearing needs.
  • Use print media such and newspaper ads or direct mail to reach new patients and connect with your community to spread the word about BHSM.