Need help finding stellar candidates for your team?

Deanna Serrano, Senior Practice Services Manager


One of the most essential responsibilities of any leader, entrepreneur, or business owner is finding and retaining great talent. Many have experienced the lasting impact a not-so-great hire can have – dissatisfaction, a decline in productivity, an impact on the culture and morale, and a negative effect on the bottom line.

Hiring and adding exceptional people becomes even more taxing when understaffed, short on time, and stretched thin on resources. Re-working your hiring practices, along with outside help, can be a lifesaver.

Finding great employees is one of the top needs for our members.

Staffing Proxy is our partner for recruiting support. The philosophy of Staffing Proxy is to help practices think about becoming an “Employer of Choice”, along with understanding the culture of the business, to find the best-fitting candidates for the practice. The team at Staffing Proxy will take the burden of the hiring process off your shoulders as they manage a large pool of candidates across the country, in your area, or known candidates willing to relocate.

Using Staffing Proxy will allow you to be part of the process without having to manage the process from start to finish. They will help write job postings, place ads, review resumes, set up interviews and work with you to help determine the best salary for positions, based on benchmarks and geographic information. They also manage personality profiles to help assess the top-chosen candidates to assist in the smartest hiring decisions possible. Staffing Proxy will manage background checks and drug screenings, if required. Hiring for full-time, part-time, or temporary staff has never been easier.

Staffing Proxy gives you the advantage when hiring with their resources and comfort in knowing they are working to find you stellar candidates based on your needs.

Inner Circle members receive a special discount and there are no upfront charges until the employee is hired and placed in your practice for 30 days.

To learn more, visit the Inner Circle Dashboard, Marketing and Business Services, and choose Improve Business Operations and place Recruiting & Staffing services in your shopping cart.