New Inner Circle Service: Mylo

We are excited to announce that Phonak Inner Circle is partnering with Mylo to provide you with a digital one-stop insurance shop that may save you both time and money. Mylo makes it easy for businesses and individuals to compare and purchase top-rated coverage. A growing practice like yours may benefit from:

  • Business Insurance with the appropriate coverage for your practice. You know your business, Mylo knows insurance. Get a custom consultation and only pay for the coverage you need – nothing more, nothing less.
  • Group Benefits options tailored to you. Mylo’s licensed benefits advisors can help you assess your company’s needs and develop a customized health plan strategy with easy enrollment for your employees.
  • Home & auto insurance savings in minutes. Discover discounts you don’t know about, including additional savings when you bundle more than one policy together.

Learn more about this service.

Mylo is owned and operated by an independent third party over which Sonova and Phonak have no control; Mylo is solely responsible for the services it provides.