Are you wanting to gain knowledge on unbundling or itemization and don’t know where to start?

Deanna Serrano, Senior Practice Services Manager 


Continuous changes in the hearing industry require assessing your business in a different way. Profitability is key, and the first step to making smart business decisions is understanding the value of your time and determining how to maximize profitability. Our Unbundling/Itemization consultant has designed self-paced courses to support best practices steps to help you get started. The first part of making good decisions is determining the present state of your profitability and assess the current payment model you use with patients. The courses and consultation will provide steps to implementation and validate your decisions.

Our expert has made it easy and created a Premium and Standard package with tools and 6 months of “office hours” to answer questions, and the Premium package includes an additional 5 weeks of consulting. Inner Circle members will receive a 20% savings on both packages. Use your points towards the purchase of these courses.

View the Unbundling/Itemization course and consultation service on the Inner Circle dashboard under Marketing and Business services. Click on “Improve Business Operations” and drop it in your cart.

Access to the knowledge you need to feel confident about the health of your practice is only a click away.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please reach out to your Phonak representative, or visit the Inner Circle dashboard to learn more.