New Service: Amptify

Deanna Serrano, Sr. Practice Services Manager


What would it mean to support your patients’ hearing healthcare journey beyond standard clinical practices and offer innovative rehabilitative services?

Inner Circle is happy to announce we have added Amptify as a new vendor partner to support practice productivity and improve the overall patient experience.

Amptify provides patients with hearing rehabilitation via its Amptify DTx program – an innovative, scientifically-based therapy for hearing loss.

As a provider, you know it takes time to counsel patients and ensure success with patients’ hearing instruments. Amptify supports greater productivity in practices by providing a program designed to improve listening skills.

Overseen by hearing health coaches, the DTx program includes aural rehabilitation via short, daily lessons designed to educate, and arm patients with strategies and a peer community. Amptify is designed to be an extension of your practice and supports an elevated level of care.

To learn more about this new service, check out the Inner Circle Dashboard “Marketing and Business Services” and click on “Improve Patient Experience.”