New Service: Cognivue Thrive® Screener

Deanna Serrano, Sr. Practice Services Manager


Well-Hearing is Well-Being has been a core component of our hearing healthcare journey and mission. Cognition is one of the key components, along with social, emotional and physical health for patients.

Hearing loss is the #1 modifiable risk factor that can have an impact on these areas. When patients wear hearing aids and hearing performance is optimized, they reap the benefits of better overall health and well-being.

Inner Circle members can now utilize Cognivue in their practices to support an enhanced level of care by adding cognitive screenings to patient assessments. The screening takes 5 minutes and can provide insights and conversations, which can support education and increased readiness for acceptance of amplification.

Why Cognitive Screening?

Cognitive screening will help a practice differentiate their service with a holistic, patient-centered approach. The screening can help support the link between hearing, listening and cognition, emphasizing the importance of early intervention with patients. Practices can lead the way in early screening to rule out cognitive impairment and address the #1 modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline.*

Cognivue Thrive® Screener can be purchased or leased on a monthly basis, and financing options are available through Sonova.

To learn more about this new service, please visit the Inner Circle Dashboard “Marketing and Business Services” under “Improve Patient Experience.”


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