New Year Tips and Tricks

By Brian Urban, AuD, President, CounselEAR

As the last 12 months have clearly shown, maintaining consistent connection with your patients as well as finding creative ways to engage with new patients is not only beneficial, but essential. In times when patients may be reluctant to seek care and existing patients may neglect routine follow-ups, we need to be creative, flexible, and consistent in our approaches to engagement.

For me, this brings two main areas to mind:


Telehealth is a fantastic tool for connecting with new and existing patients, establishing and maintaining rapport, and ensuring that patients are receiving high-quality care. For new patients that simply have questions and would like to speak face-to-face prior to an in-person visit, telehealth consultations can help ensure that they move forward with an evaluation when they are comfortable. For existing patients, routine follow-ups can often be managed via telehealth, thereby reducing exposure and improving convenience for both the patient and your team.

Email Marketing Automation

Utilizing systems such as email marketing automation enable you to take a “set and forget” approach for reaching out to patients based on specific criteria. For example:

  • Patient birthdays
  • Upcoming warranty expirations
  • Tested-not-treated patients
  • Upgrade notices
  • Post fitting and six-month follow-ups, etc.

Emails are automatically sent to patients based on your specific criteria and contain your preferred images and text. They can also contain a link to online scheduling where patients may schedule a telehealth or in-person appointment. In this way, you’re able to reach out to patients at the right time with the right message and provide them with a seamless experience.

As we work our way through the COVID-19 world into (hopefully in the very near future) a post-COVID-19 world, telehealth and marketing automation systems can help you conveniently deliver a new and engaging level of care to your current and prospective patients.

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