2020 Inner Circle Advisory Board Announced

2020 Inner Circle Advisory Board Announced We are excited to welcome our new members to the 2020 Inner Circle Advisory Board. These key members will be crucial with helping in the development and piloting of Inner Circle programs and services. The 2020 Inner Circle Advisory Board Members are: Sheila Pack from HCENTI Jerd Clayton from […]

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Educate Your Community About Hearing Health

Educate Your Community About Hearing Health Candice Tackett, Au.D., Phonak Technology Expert, continues to see awesome results for hearing care providers who embrace hearing seminars and add them to their marketing strategy. “It’s an amazing opportunity to educate the community about hearing health,” she said. When we teach about hearing and how hearing aids work […]

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Make a Difference in Your Community

Provide Exceptional Service in Your Community Jerrid Bruyer, Owner and President of Stanford Hearing Aids, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was introduced into the hearing care industry by a friend, who recommended to Bruyer that he should work for a hearing care company. “Basically, I ended up jumping into the company right after college,” he said. […]

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Building Your Online Reputation

Building Your Online Reputation By Melissa Auty, Phonak Customer Marketing Manager, Consumer Marketing Do you read reviews before visiting a restaurant, making a big purchase or using a new service provider? If you said yes, you are one of the 86% of consumers who read reviews for local businesses.1  The use of online reviews by consumers […]

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3 Lyric Tools to Drive Your Success

3 Lyric Tools to Drive Your Success Lyric is truly one of a kind. No other hearing aid on the market can deliver on its promises of 100% true invisibility and the convenience of 24/7 extended-wear. As a provider, Lyric offers you an opportunity to differentiate your practice by offering a unique extended-wear hearing solution […]

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Phonak Marvel

Marvel 2.0 – More, more, more!

Marvel 2.0 – More, more, more! By Nicole Klutz, Au.D., Phonak Audiology Manager With the launch of Marvel in October 2018, patients and hearing care providers raved about the first fit sound quality, direct connectivity capabilities and seamless streaming experience. Now, with Marvel 2.0 we are excited to provide even more hearing performance, more connectivity and apps, […]

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Give Patients the Best Office Experience

Give Patients the Best Office Experience By Alicia Ross, Phonak Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications Today’s healthcare is consumer-driven. It is extremely important for health care providers to stand out in a crowded marketplace and create the best patient experience possible. While consumers research online prior to selecting a provider, the first and subsequent office visits […]

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10 Tips For Problem Solving

10 Tips For Problem Solving It’s not me verses the problem. It’s not you versus the problem. It’s US versus the problem! If you have read this far in this series of articles, you should begin to see a consistent theme forming. We’re building your playbook for success with skills that do not just necessarily […]

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