Creating a Competitive Advantage

Creating a Competitive Advantage “Companies don’t transform — leaders do,” said Peter Sheahan, founder and group CEO of Karrikins Group, during Phonak R!SE 2019 Symposium. Here are two ways practice owners can transform themselves into better business leaders and create more value for their practices that Sheahan shared during his presentation. 1. Tell Yourself the […]

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Working Digital Leads for Success

Working Digital Leads for Success By Brad Lundblad, Phonak Director of Marketing and Digital Lead Generation Did you know seniors are more digitally savvy across all digital platforms?! In fact, half of older Americans have broadband at home, 62% of seniors seek healthcare information online and four-in-10 say they’re more digitally connected owning smartphones.* So, […]

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The Importance of Embracing Social Media

The Importance of Embracing Social Media It’s 2019, so we should all have a pretty good understanding of how social media works, right? Would it shock you to hear that not very many people in the hearing industry use social media to its fullest advantage? Or, even worse, it is not even in many hearing […]

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Overall Hearing and Cognitive Health

Maximize Patient’s Time to Assess Overall Hearing and Cognitive Health By Nicole Klutz, Phonak Audiology Manager As hearing care providers (HCP), we are often one of the many medical professionals who our patients see over the course of the year, and perhaps, we are the most often visited. Our patients spend, on average, 5 to […]

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Phonak Spotlight Sandy Brandmeier

Phonak Spotlight Sandy Brandmeier Phonak President, Phonak and Unitron, U.S. Year joined Phonak: 2018 What does Inner Circle mean to you? It means being a partner in every sense of the word. We want you to succeed, and the Inner Circle program has been designed to set you up for success. What do you enjoy […]

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3 Steps to Submit Your Reimbursement Form

3 Steps to Submit Your Reimbursement Form Submitting a reimbursement form is now easier than ever with the brand-new online feature. Found on the Inner Circle Dashboard, simply follow these easy steps to complete the process: Click on Reimbursement Form found on the top-right section of the Dashboard. Fill in the applicable details and attach […]

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RISE Marketplace Vendors 2019

Contact Information for R!SE Marketplace Vendors Phonak R!SE 2019 Symposium attendees experienced an increased vendor participation at the Marketplace, which meant they had multiple opportunities for developing and initiating practice growth plans! R!SE 2019 Symposium Marketplace Here is the contact information for these vendors if you are looking for more details. Advanced Bionics: Partnering for […]

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RISE 2019 Presentations Available

R!SE 2019 Presentations Available A lot of great information was shared during Phonak R!SE 2019 Symposium. Below are a few of the presentations shared during the three-day event. Working Digital Leads For Success Discover how optimizing your practice’s digital presence will help bring prospective patients to your door. Download Presentation Phonak Freedom, powered by Allegro […]

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Set Your Summer Marketing in Motion

Set Your Summer Marketing in Motion By Alicia Ross, Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications Summertime and the living is easy. There are 92 days to enjoy family gatherings, BBQs, sports events, concerts, food festivals and fun on the beach — each are high on our list to enjoy this season. I can’t wait to get outside […]

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