Patient Marketing and Asking for Referrals 

We know where you’re coming from. We get it. 

You want your marketing to not feel like marketing. You want it to feel like an authentic extension of your practice. You want it to feel like you. To look and sound like you and no one else. And you want new patients who are attracted to your message and your brand to find you naturally. 

Organic marketing should feel simple. It’s a softer, more subtle approach to build your business over the long term. 

It takes longer, but it builds trust and awareness over time. Maybe it’s a newsletter in your own voice with content you create about your practice. Maybe it is an honest perspective that you share in your social media posts.   

But make no mistake about it: although it feels simple and natural, organic marketing is planned and intentional… and your current patients can play an important role in this by being a source for referrals. What is more natural than someone sharing their experience with your practice with someone they think can benefit from your services?  

By asking your patients for referrals, your patients become ambassadors of your brand. They’ll share your story, in their voice, adding their own authenticity when they communicate with their family, friends and colleagues… either in person or online. 

To stay connected with your very important patients, Phonak offers a complimentary patient marketing program to help keep your patients engaged with your practice.  

Your existing patients are an important source of continuing your revenue stream, not only for the future services you will provide them, but by the referrals that they can make. Consider adding a message to these communications asking your patient to share the letter with their family members and friends who may benefit from your services.   

By asking your current patients to refer future patients to you, your current patient gets the opportunity to share their great experience with you, and the future patient comes to you with a sense of trust.   

Communicating with your established patients is important to keep your practice and services top-of-mind. Share what’s new in technology or invite them to a Phonak event you’re hosting, such as an open house, Lunch & Listen or an educational seminar. Or simply send a letter to invite them to schedule an appointment and experience a live demonstration. Ask them to bring a friend! 

As a valued Inner Circle member, this complimentary patient marketing benefit is available to you monthly. Set up a plan with your account marketing specialist to reach out to these patients throughout the year.   

And don’t forget about your patients who are tested but not treated – let them know you still care about their hearing health. Educate them about advancements in hearing aid technology and how something new from Phonak might be just right for their hearing loss. Invite them to call for a free hearing screening and product demonstration.  

Let us personalize and mail a specially created letter proven to generate responses and invite your patients back into your office. We make it easy. Just select a template, provide event dates, your logo and some information about your practice so that we can get your creative started. Start pulling your list of current hearing aid wearers wearing three years old or older technology, or untreated patients. We’ll send you a secure link to upload your file when it’s ready to mail.  

Ready to get started? Reach out to your account marketing specialist or to include existing patient communications in your marketing strategy today.