Phonak Freedom: Leasing Reimagined

Deanna Serrano, Senior Practice Services Manager


Things just got better for your team and your patients. Allegro has reimagined the leasing product to be easier and more streamlined. Allegro partnered with Phonak in 2018 and collaborated to create the Phonak Freedom leasing program, which is offered exclusively to Inner Circle members.

Today’s consumer typically cannot afford a large sum of money for better hearing and need flexible payment offerings. Patients may need to finance their aid with a health spending credit care, installment loan or a monthly lease. These options will help a patient fit better hearing into their budget and provide the patient the best technology to meet their needs.

Providers benefit by receiving the fees they charge the patient within 48-72 hours – a win for increased revenue, average selling price and cash flow.

Here’s how it works:








Allegro has improved lease options and added digital resources on their portal making it easier to manage your lease patients. Additionally, Allegro is now offering a dedicated practice services team to make leasing easier for your practice to implement along with ongoing training and support.

Ready to get started and offer patients an easy way to afford bettering hearing?   

Please visit the Inner Circle dashboard and choose marketing and business services. Click on Improved Business Operations and look for Leasing and order in one click for your free, no obligation consultation.