Phonak Patient Marketing Program

Communicating with patients in your database is key to keeping your practice and services top-of-mind with your patients. Plus, your existing patients are an important source of continuing your revenue stream.

To stay connected with your patients who are wearing older hearing instruments and may be ready for a technology upgrade, Phonak offers a complimentary patient marketing program to help keep your patients engaged with your practice. A good rule of thumb is to touch base with these upgrade-ready patients about once a quarter so that your communications are helpful, informative, and sincere. Share what’s new in technology or invite them to a Phonak event you’re hosting, such as an open house, lunch and listen event, or an educational seminar. Or, simply send a letter to invite them to schedule an appointment and experience a live demonstration.

If you have a large patient database, set up a plan to effectively reach out throughout the year. As a valued Inner Circle member, this benefit is available to you monthly to help you reach out to different patients throughout the year.

And don’t forget about your patients who are tested but not treated – you certainly don’t want them to forget about you when they are ready to take that next step in their hearing journey. Show them you care about their hearing health by educating them about advancements in hearing aid technology and how something new from Phonak might be just right for their hearing loss. Invite them to call for a free hearing screening and product demonstration.

Let us personalize and mail a specially created letter proven to generate response and invite your patients back into your office. We make it easy. Just select a template, provide event dates, your logo, and some information about your practice so that we can get started on your creative. Start pulling your list of current hearing aid wearers wearing three years old or older technology, or untreated patients. We’ll send you a secure link to upload your file when it’s ready to mail.

Ready to get started? Reach out to your account marketing specialist or email to include existing patient communications in your marketing strategy today.