Courage, Compassion and Resilience in the Face of Challenges

During her Phonak R!SE 2019 keynote presentation, Allison Massari took attendees on a journey — her journey — of her horrific accident and long recovery. Through storytelling and photos of her art, she shared what she learned to inspire attendees to embrace challenges, provide compassion and master kindness.

Here are three takeaways from Massari’s presentation, “Courage, compassion, and resilience in the face of challenges.”

  1. Master kindness.We can do this in the blink of an eye, said Massari. “It can be done with a genuine smile, a supportive hand on someone’s back or maybe the attention you bring to the sound of your voice,” she added. “It doesn’t have to be about saying the right words.”Remember to share kindness as you interact with your patients, whether it’s a smile, a supportive hand or even a warm hand shake. It only takes three to seven seconds.
  2. Embrace your challenges: Massari feels we are much stronger than we believe we are. “There’s a reservoir of courage within each of us, and the idea is to remember it and use it,” she said.Be supportive to help someone find their own courage, especially those patients who might be struggling with their hearing loss. Get a clear understanding of their concerns and then share the positive of being able to hear again clearly can mean to them.
  3. The power of human spirit.Certain pain never goes away, but instead of resisting the pain, pour your compassion into it, according to Massari. “The line that divides a life of bitterness and sweetness is sometimes hard to distinguish. … Whatever pain or struggle you may face, know that you are stronger. Seek to find the good. It’s there,” she said.As hearing care providers, your patients could turn toward bitterness because of their hearing loss or feeling inadequate for needing a hearing aid. Help them to embrace the joy of sound by demonstrating what they will be able to hear.