Revisiting the Managed Care series

Interested in learning more about Managed Care and what it can mean for your practice? Revisit our Managed Care series of articles.

Managed Care – Threat or opportunity

In the United States, the hearing industry has seen a rise of healthcare plans offering hearing aid benefits. In this first article of our series on Managed Care (MC), learn how MC can be an opportunity for hearing care professionals.

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Understanding third-party referral networks

In this second installment of our blog series about Managed Care, we take a look at Third-party Referral Networks (TPRNs), what they mean to you as the hearing care provider and what they mean for your patients.

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What TPRNs look for in their preferred providers

In our third installment of our blog series about Managed Care, we take a look at what Third-Party Referral Networks (TPRNs) look for in their preferred providers as well as the key metrics to ensure you are successful with TPRNs.

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The COVID-19 pandemic & hearing healthcare

By now perhaps the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic — and what it means for the U.S. consumer — has lessen. However, as the U.S. started to feel the full strength of the pandemic, many consumers focused on stock piling grocery and health items as well as switching to e-commerce for most non-essential buying. Now, just two to three months after the onset of the pandemic, we find ourselves – as business owners, healthcare professionals, and even patients and consumers — switching gears into our own “fight” mode. We are ready to get back to business.

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eSolutions & Managed Care

From new patients to existing patients, expectations and behaviors related to hearing healthcare, hearing aid service, maintenance and overall interaction with your clinic have changed as a result of COVID19. The question now is: How do you meet your patients where they need you the most and continue providing quality hearing healthcare services to sustain not only their hearing journey but your business as well?

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