Rosch Visionary Allergy

Inner Circle is excited to announce we have added Rosch Visionary Allergy to our vendor portfolio!

Did you know approximately fifty million Americans are affected by allergic disorders, yet fewer than 3,000 practicing allergists are in the United States. 1

What does this mean for ENT clinics? A huge opportunity for increased revenue potential or consideration of adding Allergy to their ancillary offerings.

The Medical Group Management Association ran a study in 2017 showing that on average, physicians with full-time allergists earned an additional $3.5 million dollars of gross revenue. 75% of patients were covered by insurance and only 1.9% were self-pay.1 This may be an untapped opportunity for practices to support both allergy and audiology with increased revenue.

Many patients may have issues with hearing because of untreated allergy issues, which can lead to sinus issues and potentially impact hearing. Common symptoms are fullness in the ears or pain in the ears. If severe enough and left untreated, it can lead to ear infections.

Practices who offer audiology and immunotherapy can help patients all in one place with treatment and convenience. Audiologists can see increases in diagnostic revenue by performing pure-tone, bone conduction and tympanometry when patients have complaints due to allergy symptoms. If a sensorineural hearing loss is identified, this creates another opportunity for a physician to recommend hearing aids and a hearing aid evaluation. One visit with a patient who has allergy symptoms could lead to multiple streams of revenue being billed to insurance and opportunities to generate patient leads to audiology.

How can you maximize allergy services or start offering service?

The first step is utilizing a system that ensures patients continue their allergy treatments. Patient compliance is key for allergy patients. A key software feature is the Rosch Allergy Tracker to help improve patients’ compliance by pushing notifications for upcoming and/or overdue shots. Rosch has expanded notification delivery to include test messages (SMS) and email reminders. Practices can easily reach out to patients at the touch of a button and send office broadcasts to patients.

All communications and tracking are HIPAA compliant, and The Rosch Allergy Tracker app is compatible with Apple and Android operating systems.

The Rosch Visionary Allergy software programs offer practices the ability to function more accurately and efficiently, resulting in better patient care and enhanced income productivity for both allergy and audiology.

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  1. Allergy Facts: Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the US,” American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.