The importance of marketing planning

We are 6 months into the year, have you done your marketing planning yet? Creating a marketing calendar could help you improve your marketing strategy and achieve your business goals!

If you have a busy schedule, marketing may be the last thing on your mind. However, putting a marketing plan together will save you time and effort in the long run!

Start out your marketing planning session by outlining your goals. Some examples of marketing goals are to gain new patients, improve patient experience, increase brand awareness, and increase website traffic! After you have identified your goals, you will be able to plan out actionable ways to accomplish them.

Identifying your marketing budget is another crucial step. Typically practices spend 8-15% of annual gross revenue towards lead generation.  Inner circle points can also be used towards any marketing services.

A good marketing plan should include a mix of different marketing tactics including both traditional and digital. Examples of different tactics are:

  • Database Marketing (Patient database communication initiatives to promote new technology, tested not sold, warranty expiration, birthdays, annual hearing appointment reminders, clean and check, referral programs etc.)
  • Digital Marketing (Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website, etc.)
  • Direct Mail (New prospect mail drops to draw in patients using a purchase list.)
  • Event Marketing (Community outreach events intended to educate and increase awareness on hearing health topics or new products.)
  • Print Advertising (Ads purchased in newspapers, local magazines, senior papers, etc.)
  • Public Relations Campaigns (Drawing in organic patients through blog posts, articles, organic search, social media, etc.)
  • Radio or Television Advertising
  • Office Marketing (In-clinic signage, waiting room videos, etc.)

Marketing planning helps create an improved patient experience by including multiple touchpoints throughout the patient journey! Building a multichannel marketing strategy will increase your reach and generate response for your practice.

If you are interested in creating a marketing plan, contact your Account Marketing Specialist to schedule a marketing planning session. We will work with you to develop a marketing calendar and build your marketing strategy!