Transform your Waiting Room TV into a Powerful Patient Education and Marketing Tool

By: Maryann Lundstrom, Mediplay

With Mediplay, you can have your very own branded program for the screens in your waiting areas in no time!

Your practice is unique. Your staff is amazing. You’ve impacted the lives of many patients and improved their quality of life. This is your story and Mediplay gives you a way to broadcast it to your waiting guests.

What is Mediplay?

Mediplay is an ad-free digital signage system built specifically for medical practices. You have complete control over all the content that is displayed on your TV. The system comes packed with thousands of videos covering patient education, entertainment, health and wellness topics and all of the Phonak videos about all the different hearing devices and support services that you offer!

Why Mediplay?

Mediplay is the leading ad-free waiting room patient education and marketing network. Fully customizable and compatible with any HDTV, Mediplay makes it possible for any size clinic to deploy their own branded in-office waiting room network. Through an online interface, users are able to create content to introduce staff, new services and products, announcements and practice messages, while also educating their patients with a collection of medically reviewed patient education videos.
Feedback from many of our clients shows that there is an increased number of inquiries and an improved conversion rate for products and services that are featured on their Mediplay program.

What makes Mediplay the leading provider of in-office video networks?

There are a few main factors that differentiate Mediplay from other players in the space.

Mediplay is easy to deploy and manage, includes a huge variety of content and is 100% ad-free.

Most in-office video networks have a program that is generic, one-size-fits-all, general health information. These have very little if any customization ability. With Mediplay, each practice can tailor their program so it is a branded, personalized message about their unique practice.

The idea of setting up your own in-office video network can seem daunting. Luckily, Mediplay has simplified the process, making it possible for any size practice to deploy and manage their own in-office waiting room network. It all starts with a 10-minute install. Our small media player works with any HDTV and can be connected to the practice WiFi.

From this point, management is performed through our content management portal, Mediplay Connect, which can be accessed from any computer or tablet. In addition to the thousands of videos available, users can upload their own videos and also have access to a set of content creation tools that makes it easy to create practice-specific content, without requiring any real design time or skill. These tools include a large selection of templates, social media integration, 5-day forecast, and so much more!

Most importantly, Mediplay is practice-focused. While many waiting room networks benefit the advertiser more than the practice, Mediplay says NO to any outside advertisements! Why would you want to use the precious time you have with your patients to advertise something that you don’t do or sell to them? We know you don’t.

How do we get started?

If you are interested in knowing more about Mediplay and seeing all the video libraries, the content creation tools and just how easy it is to put together your very own program, simply put in a request through the Inner Circle Portal. Someone from Mediplay will contact you to set up a personal web demo and answer all your questions.

You could have your own in-office video program in a week!