ViewMedica ENT and Audiology Waiting Room Education

Deanna Serrano, Sr. Practice Services Manager

Take control of your waiting room TV! We are pleased to announce we have added a new ENT and Audiology Waiting Room Education service with ViewMedica.

ViewMedica’s VMCast helps you create your own ad-free television broadcasts using patient education videos. Even add local weather reports, news, messages and more. Use your branding to share unique messages with patients, like promotions, services, staff information, weather and news or promote your social media.

Tons of content

Use Phonak videos and dozens of ViewMedica ENT, audiology and entertainment videos. Then add in all your own content.

Simple Set Up

No need for expensive hardware. We provide your first Fire TV Stick and the VMcast app free. Just plug and play.

Easy to Manage

Our online content loop management system lets you build your broadcast quickly, and edit it at a moment’s notice.

Check out the service on the Inner Circle dashboard under Marketing and Business Services. Inner Circle points may be used once invoiced from ViewMedica.