Waiting Room Education

Deanna Serrano, Sr. Practice Services Manager

Waiting Room Education is easy and customizable to capture your patients’ attention while they wait.

Many practices have televisions in their waiting rooms and rarely are they used in a way that could advertise what services a practice offers beyond hearing aids.

Does your practice offer hearing protection, tinnitus therapy, accessories, or Lyric?

Several hearing aid patients visiting your office for their hearing care may not realize everything your practice offers.

And, often in ENT waiting areas, there are no indications of hearing aids or other services being available for patients at all.

Imagine if you could communicate to patients and accompanying friends and family members before they start their appointment to show all services you have to offer.

Using waiting room communication is cost-effective and educational. It also brings awareness and starts conversations since the information is presented in a casual way.

Did you know that 93% of doctors who provide videos with relevant information said patients asked more thoughtful questions during their visits, and 79% of patients were aware of their problems earlier? These are staggering numbers!

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your messages! You can highlight staff bios, testimonials from patients, services, special promotions, upcoming events or even advertise your social media sites. There are several ways to use videos and manage your brand messaging. This can also be customized to show different video messages in various rooms in the practice.

Inner Circle members have access to two patient education video services through the Inner Circle dashboard, “Waiting Room Patient Education” and our NEW “ENT/Audiology Waiting Room Education service.”  Both services offer extensive video libraries through a portal. The fees vary based on the extent of your messaging and can be reimbursed with Success Points.

Discover which patient video education service is right for you by accessing the Inner Circle dashboard and choosing “Marketing and Business Services” filter.