Ways to Spring Clean your Marketing Strategy! 

By: Amanda Davidson 

It’s that time of year again, spring is almost in the air! Goodbye to the cold winter of staying indoors, and hello to enjoying the outdoors with flowers blossoming and temperatures warming. All the beautiful spring sounds of birds singing before dawn, pattering rain, and wind rustling in the trees make a great time for those with hearing loss to take action. This year, when doing your spring cleaning, get ahead by planning your marketing! 

Spring cleaning is a great time to start thinking about your marketing and evaluating all the different tactics that your hearing care practice has been using. Three questions you should be asking when reflecting on your past marketing should be: 

  1. What marketing has been performing well/poor? Maybe it is time to stop one type of marketing and try something new!  
  2. Are you on track to reach your marketing goals? If not, maybe you need to reach out to your patient database, hold a new prospect event, or grow your digital presence. 
  3. Are you keeping up with the best ways to reach your target customers? Best marketing practices are constantly evolving and vary based on the location of your practice. If you haven’t been seeing the results you hoped for with a particular tactic, try something else to see if performs well in your area! 

The end of the year is a busy time, and sometimes we lack in making sure that all the details are up to date. Here are some ways you can get a head start and spring clean your marketing: 

  • Clean up your email lists: Updating your patient database early will be a great help when preparing for future mailings. 
  • Review your social media accounts: Taking the time to verify that all information is current on your accounts will attract more prospects and make your practice easier to find. This includes addresses, phone numbers, cover photos, profile pictures, etc. 
  • Dig deeper into your online presence: Ask your marketing specialist to schedule a Digital Diagnosis to help identify what parts of your digital and social presence could be improved on. 
  • Update in-office marketing materials: Refresh your office with updated waiting room videos, posters/signage, and brochures. Ask your sales representative for one of our Phonak Marketing Communication Kits which include content you can use to do this! 

There are many ways you can incorporate spring into your marketing strategy to draw in existing patients and new prospects! Some ideas for spring events are: 

  • Hold a spring open house or hearing event: Now that the cold weather is gone, prospective patients are looking to get out of the house and get some fresh air. What better way to do this than hold a spring event! Emphasize the spring sounds of the season to draw customers in the door. 
  • Orchestrate a spring lunch and learn: This is a great way to inform existing patients that have put off upgrading due to the cold weather to learn about new options available. 

When marketing these events in digital and print, use wording and imagery that emphasizes the beautiful colors and peaceful sounds of spring! Say goodbye to dark and dreary colors and focus on using colors that are vibrant and bright. Use wording that portrays the excitement about spring and beautiful weather it will bring. Lastly, include images like flowers, butterflies, etc. to portray a lively spring theme.  

Reach out to your sales representative if you are interested in holding a spring event.